Anti-Wrinkle Injections in Sydney

Our philosophy

Here at Alpha Cosmedic Clinic, we believe that all cosmetic procedures should result in a natural look afterwards. If someone can tell you've had a procedure, then we've failed. When it comes to our anti-wrinkle injections in Sydney, we've always strived to use the smallest, most effective dose of wrinkle relaxer possible in each area whilst obtaining a natural, refreshed outcome. The idea behind our wrinkle injections in Sydney is that other people should think you look refreshed, as if you've just come back from a holiday or you've had a good, long sleep.

How it works

Our anti-wrinkle injections in Sydney contain a muscle relaxant protein obtained from a bacteria. It is a naturally occurring protein which has been purified. When injected into a specific muscle group it causes a temporary relaxation that softens the wrinkles in the area thereby giving a more youthful appearance. The injections can also lift areas by relaxing the muscles pulling downwards. We only use the original brand wrinkle relaxer not cheap imitations. 

The appointment begins with a consultaion with our Doctor to work out the correct dose to use for each area. We then apply an extremely strong anaesthetic cream which is a formula only available to us, this cream will numb the area to be injected and make the treatment much more comfortable. We use the smallest needles possible to inject the wrinkle relaxer

We then apply disposable ice packs just before injecting, in order to minimise the discomfort even further. The end result is an almost painless injection with little risk of bruising.


What to expect

The wrinkle injections from Sydney's Alpha Cosmedic Clinic will start working within just 3 days, with the full effect occurring in 12 days. Initially, the results will last 3- 4 months, with it lasting longer and longer as time goes by. The trick behind wrinkle injections is to not let the muscle fully recover and re-strengthen before the next dose. So, the best time for the next injection is about a week or two after significant movement starts occurring.

How Much Does it Cost ?

The more you buy the cheaper it gets:

0-15 units: $13 per unit

16-39 units: $12 per unit

40-69 units $11 per unit

70+ units $10 per unit


Aproximate units per area (please note this will vary depending on depth of wrinkles,skin laxity,muscular strength):

Forehead: 9 units

Frown: 20 units

Crows Feet: 24 units

Brow Lift: 8 units

Top lip: 4 units

Masseter (jaw muscle): 50-90 units, this usually lasts 9-12 months



Our anti-wrinkle injections are available at both of our clinics in Parramatta and Hurstville. To find out more about our wrinkle injections in Sydney please contact us here.

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